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Your Story Has Only Just Begun

Our Mission


Bobbi Mason sitting on a stool with a heart shirt

Thank you for just being here.

I'm just like many of you; a woman with hope for a happy and fulfilled life; a woman with children and a career.  I enjoy being active and involved in my children’s schools and in my community.  I am deeply spiritual and love being part of communities that help me grow deeper in my faith and love of God.

I became a young widow in January, 2015.  The grieving process is not pretty and it is not linear.  I can testify that one grieves for the rest of their life; it never goes away, it just changes and, eventually, acceptance sets in.  I have fought hard to be where I am right now in my grieving journey and I am here to turn my “mess” into a message and my trials and tests into a testimony that, I hope, will have a profound impact on young widows and anyone who is at a loss in their loss.


My goal is to be a type of “advocate” for young widows through our Widow’s Wish Foundation, a qualified 501(c)(3) Non Profit. I believe that supporting widows is a biblical, ethical and moral responsibility.  Remarkably, it is difficult to find an organization within a church or community that has a developed program to serve widows during their first year of loss, especially for young widows and their children.

It is the mission, duty and purpose of Widow’s Wish Foundation to address, educate, coordinate, and provide financial aid, relief, and support to widows aged 20-50 with children under the age of 18. It is our duty to help the widow families facing enormous obstacles, including illness, homelessness, hunger, poverty and tragedy.  It is our desire to enrich their lives with hope, strength, and joy.


It is our duty to be available when we are capable to provide comfort, financial assistance, food, clothing, payment for medical services, and general support for the widow and her family.  The Foundation will also support the widow families through special experiences, and special events.

Each year, the Foundation will have a gala and silent auction to raise funds to support the exempt purposes of the Foundation.  The gala and silent auction will serve as the main fundraising activity each year and will be held in the Houston, Texas area.

Thank you so much for honoring my grief journey by taking time to consider joining us here.  It is my greatest wish that we all become more connected and more compassionate to one another’s grief and growth through this widow journey.