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Your Story Has Only Just Begun

Be A Part of Widow's Wish

Widow's Wish logo.  Dandelion flower with hearts. Says "Your story doesn't end".

Not a widow, but know one who needs help? 

The goal of WidowThrive and the Widow’s Wish program is multi-faceted:

  • Meals.  I was tremendously lucky to have a community of friends and co-workers who fed my family for 3 months, post-loss.  I want to partner with meal delivery services to provide meals for the young widow and her children so she does not have to worry about the economic burden of groceries; actually grocery shopping; and having to prepare and cook meals. 

  • Grief Getaway.  I had to get away a few months after the funeral.  My thoughts of getting away were all-consuming; I wanted to go somewhere so I could grieve and No one knew my story and my kids could have a change of scenery and we all could just be together.  This is something I consistently hear from young widows = they just want to get away but cannot afford it.  I want to bless them with some joy and change in scenery that can soothe their loss, if only for a little while.
  • Christmas gifts for that first holiday season, post-loss.  Holidays are huge triggers, especially the first holidays, post-loss.  For Christmas 2017, I “adopted” a young widow who I befriended in one of my Facebook Widows support groups.  She is a widow with four children and had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  The ability to purchase gifts for this sweet family was transformative to me and my boys.  We embraced the Christmas season again with a fresh outlook because we were excited and fulfilled to provide gifts to another family.  As one facet of Widow’s Wish, I plan to continue this by community involvement and sponsorship.

I want to hold hands with as many young widows and their children as we can reach through my Widow’s Wish Foundation.  I believe that supporting young widows and their children is an ethical and moral responsibility.  My Widow's Wish non-profit offers an avenue of opportunity for communities and businesses to get involved in the care and support of an ever-growing and expanding population of young widows.

    Every dollar counts!  Make a donation to sponsor a Young Widow and her family today!